Retirement Savings

We offer a variety of IRA’s (Individual Retirement Account) for you to choose from.

Such as:
*  TraditionalIRA, Invest and Retire
*  Roth
*  Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

IRA Savings
*  Dividends are calculated daily and paid quarterly
*  No minimum deposits required

IRA Term Certificates
*  Dividends are calculated daily, compounded quarterly or paid to your either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or at maturity
*  Fixed interest rate for the term of the certificate
*  At maturity, your IRA Term Certificate will automatically renew at the current rate of interest
*  Early withdrawals may result in penalties
*  IRA Term Certificates rates are subject to change daily


Note:  With all IRA’s at BECU, federal restrictions and penalties apply.  Spousal IRA’s are also available.  Contact one of our Member Service Specialists to ask about the balance restrictions.