Other Savings

Piggy bank

With a minimum deposit of $250.00, you can earn a higher interest rate with our Money Management account than with a regular savings account.  Our Money Management pays interest monthly and is a great place for your short term savings.
*  Flexible investment account that can work as a savings or limited checking
*  Up to six withdrawals per month (three can be in the form of a check)
*  Dividends calculated daily and paid monthly with a balance of $250.00 or more

CHRISTMAS CLUBSalvadanaio natalizio con monete
Save for the holidays throughout the year with our Christmas Club account.  Convenient and easy, our Christmas Club account puts you in control.  You decide how much to deposit and when the deposits are made.
Start saving now for the holiday season, and open a Christmas Club account today.
*  No minimum balance requirement
*  Choose from direct deposit, automatic transfers or make deposits at any branch
*  Funds transferred to your BECU savings or checking on October 1st
*  Dividends calculated daily and paid quarterly